PCC正在给予 second-tier 优先级 registration status to students who plan to enroll in the final courses they need to complete an associate degree (AA/AS, AA-T/AS-T)!


You qualify for PCC完成 if you:

  • Plan to register for your final classes in the upcoming term
  • Completed 45 to 99 units (courses numbered 1-399) at PCC
  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA (courses numbered 1-399) at PCC
  • Have not received PCC完成 优先级 registration in a previous term


Please submit your request early. Submissions received toward the end of the period may be delayed or may not be processed due to time constraints.

Apply for PCC完成 during the following periods to receive an earlier registration date for the term listed:  

  • 下降:  六月至七月
  • 冬天: September - October
  • 春天:  October - November
  • 桑玛:  三月至四月


If You Have an Active LancerPoint 登录:
  1. Log into PCC连接
  2. Use the "Raise My Hand" option
  3. Select I am Ready to Graduate (PCC完成 or 毕业)!
  4. 让我们知道:
    • Which degree(s) you are completing
    • List the last classes needed to complete
    • Provide your phone number

Watch this video to learn how to use the Raise My Hand feature: 

Raise Your Hand Video

After you raise your hand to complete, you will be contacted by a member of our completion team with next steps and outcomes.

Processing time is about 2-4 weeks.  As long as the request is submitted during the application period, your request will be reviewed. 

Thank you for your patience.

Go to PCC连接

How to View Your New Registration Date

After you apply and receive confirmation that you qualify, go to LancerPoint one week before registration begins (check the registration calendar) to look up your new registration day and time.

Once your PCC完成 date is granted, there is no reversal of this one-time only 优先级.

Note:  If you didn't qualify or if your current registration date is earlier than the PCC完成 registration date, we will not update your registration, but we will still review your progress toward completion of a degree.


Still have questions about PCC完成? Ask an online counselor!